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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thing 7: RSS

RSS is a great social tool. I used RSS in my work.

 Google ant its resources  is most important for me.
I found it a great time saving device. In this age of information explosion, readers can find RSS tool to be helpful in finding  new contents of their interest at one single place.
This technology helps me 
- to keep-to-date with the latest news-library news, world news, IT News, etc.
- Keep myself up-to-date with my colleagues from Ukrainian libraries around the world.
  I have worked in the Google Reader and added some feeds to my Reader, among them: Library, Meryl Streep, Blogs I'm following.

The best thing about RSS and newsreaders is quick information acquisition. I think it is one of the best way of getting useful information and also it is easy to use . 
I have already used RSS in my work, because I had feeds of many Window on America blogs of Ukraine. I see how my colleagues work, what kind of activities and meetings they have. They share their experience and I can pick up a lot of new interesting things and make them real in my American Corner. 

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  1. Excellent...I like the way you put screen shots it to show your work. A Meryl Streep fan are you?