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Friday, August 12, 2011

American traces in Odessa (August 10-11th, 2011)

I and my friend Tamara arrived to explore American traces in Odessa (10-11 August, 2011).

We sent warm greetings to De Ribas at the beginning of the famous Deribasovskaya mall!
We visit the Odessa's heritage "Londonskaya" hotel with Grand stairs.
The "Londonskaya" hotel has a Celebrities' museum.
American celebrity who stayed at the "Londonskaya" hotel - a famous ballet dancer Isidora Duncan.
"Bristol" hotel in Pushkinskaya street. "Bristol"’s famous guest - American writer Mark Twain stayed in Odessa in 1867.

Than he described his trip to Odessa and Crimea.
An American actor Ken  Richters played M.Twain in a new movie filmed in Odessa.
In 1928 steamship "Pestel" brought to Odessa Theodor Dreiser - a famous American writer.
Theodor Dreiser  also stayed in "Bristol" hotel.
In 1978 the US  "red millionaire" with Odessa roots -  Armand Hammer- was  a celebrity guest at  "Bristol" hotel.
We saw a magnificent Odessa Philharmonic Hall. Born from American parents Hobart Earl is the  conductor of the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra.
We saw a Hawaiian girl on Odessa streets. :)))
NATO naval exercise "Sea Breeze" coordinated the activities of Ukrainian and international forces in Odessa region.
USS "Monterey" crew was in Odessa. USS 'Monterrey" officers' band performed in Odessa's Central park.
We had time for a coffee-break the American style :))

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