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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blog Gatheringbooks

My friend Yulia advise me this Blog.
I think it will be useful for me. I continue to learn how to organize my own blog better.
Very reasonable!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thing 11: Videoconferencing

Svitlana, the Head of Dnepropetrovsk Information Resource Center "Window on America", has the unique opportunity to participate in WebChat: 5 Myths About the "Information Age" (CO.NX webchat, hosted at the U.S. Embassy in Rome, Italy), featuring Robert Darnton, Director of the University Library at Harvard, and the author of the "The Case for Books: Past, Present and Future".

A lot of interesting questions were in focus of discussion from various parts of the world. All of them are connected with the topic "Information Age". Here you can look them through:

IRC El Salvador: Isn't the ''digital age'' (with websites and technologies disappearing all the time..) a threat to preserving information for the future generations?...What can be done??

Vinnytsia Window on America: Nice to have such an opportunity to communicate.  Is there a difference in the way the brain takes in or absorbs information when it is presented electronically versus on paper? Does the reading experience change, from retention to comprehension, depending on the medium?

IRC Rio: Can we consider the social media a part of the information age?

I've taken an active part in this activity and have got detailed answer my question:

WOA Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine: Are you happy to be living in the ‘Information Age’?

Now I am a fan of the CO.NX Facebook page. I logged in to my Facebook account in order to Like” the page.  Now I know   when new webchats are coming up.


WOA Dnipro started a new project – “SUMMER with WOA”.
 The objective of the project is to keep up the junior students’ English language skills during summer holidays.
The secondary schools in the vicinity of the WOA have “summer camp” facilities for 7-12 year old children. All the children groups are invited to visit WOA on a regular basis and use its resources.
Today the WOA Centre was visited by several groups from the secondary school # 23.
The visitors were acquainted with the collection of the children’s book collection and watched the video “Toy Story”.
The number of participants – 64 persons (60 students, 4 teachers).

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My quests from Novomoskovsk

Today a group of students from Novomoskovsk (a small town 40 km from Dnipropetrovsk) attended WOA. Their English language teacher visited  OA earlier, during the Information Day for the teachers of the Dnipropetrovsk region. Today Ms. Vira Strelchenko brought to the centre her senior  school students.
The group listened to the presentation of S. Usenko, the head of WOA. The informative slide show introduced the students to the geography of the USA, its capital and several big cities, national symbols and outstanding personalities.
 The group’s visit was much appreciated as distance often becomes an obstacle between the centre and its potential patrons. The teacher Vira Strelnikova received as a present a copy of the slide show "Meet the USA" to present it at school to the rest of her students and improve their level of English language.
Cooperation with this Novomoskovsk school will continue later in the year.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The most successful programs

There are five most successful types of programs in Dnipropetrovsk  Window on America Center, Ukraine:
1) “English Speaking Club” for all social categories on Saturday (2007-2008 with Fulbright scholarship). During the long periods when the native speakers were not visiting our Center (2009), I attracted the fluent in English Ukrainian volunteers for organizing round-table discussion. The attendance of our center has increased considerably during the last 2 years. Cultural and educational actions are held every week. So Ukrainians learn more about USA culture and traditions.
To increase the language learning effect of the discussions I have initiated the tradition to support them with modern visual aids. With the help of the Center’s technical equipment 25 Power Point presentations were created in the past 2 years. The theme discussions with visual aids became our “signature feature” in a highly competitive market of English Language clubs in Dnipropetrovsk.
2) American Holidays - Valentine Day, Thanksgiving day with real turkey, Christmas with Santa. Some club members demonstrated their musical talents (as Katya Ivchenko);
3) Movie club – every week;
4) Head of AC took part in the two English Language Weeks at the city secondary schools (about 200 and 200 participants).
5) Skype connection with our American friends.

In addition to the promotion of the USA information resources certain actions were held to promote library knowledge. The following topics were presented to the visitors of the Centre: 
The Library of the USA Congress (April 2010),
Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Scientific Library and its resources (May, 2009 and September 2010),  
“Renaissance” Charity Foundation (April 2010),
Bill and Melinda Gates’  Charity Foundation (October 2010),
Bibliomist  project in Ukraine (October 2010), etc.

I did promotion of the our AС/ Window on America center activities in the social networks: Facebook (from March 2010,  Blogspot (from September 2010).

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The book display “USA Landmarks”

Today I presented the book display “USA Landmarks”.
The exhibit received a lot of attention from the group of students and visitors of English Speaking Club. 
The samples of tourist reference literature from the center’s resources were presented:  Fodor’s guides, The Smithsonian guides, Zhultz guide, National Geographic guide, etc.

Thing 9: Twitter

 I searched (Dnipropetrovsk, library, Meryl Streep...) and found a few friends, and I decided to “Follow” them.!/SvitlanaU

Thing 4: my new Delicious

I put a few new  bookmarks on my Delicious. 
My work is a big part of my life. And "woadnepr" bear resemblance to  "lanusic".

I had the great experience in tagging, because I took part in creation digital catalog of my Library (Dniproprtovsk Pegion Sience Library, which has 3 mln volumes found) many years.  I have Library science education and bibliography degree.
Only 4 years I'm working at Window on America center. I study English every day with my visitors and friends. 
By a way, I have got information about Social bookmarking last year at the training for Ukrainian AC/IRC leaders.

I agree that Social bookmarking is a great way to collect a set of resources and share them with others!

Thing 3: FaceBook

I like all my colleagues and  friends on Facebbok!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thing 2: My favorite Blogs

When I did this task I understand that some sites has elements of Blogs. Because I choose:

Blog about my country Ukraine
 It's Ukraine!News and everything you want to know about Ukraine

 You can read short article about my native city Dnipropetrovsk

Every day
This Blog I read every day. The author, Tatyana Yaroshenko,  is  Director of a big Library in the capital of Ukraine. She is very smart and professional. She writes not only about library problems, but about her own impressions about American libraries. (She has been to USA for 6 month as a Fulbright scholarship participant)

Film Art

I like American actress Meryl Streep very much. I saw almost movies with her! The Bridges of Madison Country is my favorite movie.

 I had found 2 Blogs devoted to her activities.

Sometimes I look to  "Chicago now", where I had been last year.  I spent wonderful week, and now I miss Chicago....

Sears Tower, 443 m.