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Saturday, August 6, 2011

“Celebration of B. Obama’s 50th anniversary Hawaiian style”

Today’s topic ща English Speaking Club was “Celebration of B. Obama’s 50th anniversary Hawaiian style”.
To start with it was decided to have an on-line quiz about Barak Obama.  To compensate for the incorrect quiz answers we have read and translated a brief outline of his biography. This was followed by a YouTube videos about the President’s birthdays party in Chicago. The club members commented on what was seen.
The birthplace of the US President inspired us to talk about Hawaii.
After the videos on the tourist attractions of Hawaii we have answered the Hawaii trivia fun quiz. The score was not very high, but the correct answers educated us a lot about the history of this state.
In the 60th of the last century the American pop idol E. Presley   contributed to the global  popularity of Hawaii  by filming three movies there. We watched some colorful scenes from. “Paradise, Hawaiian Style”, a 1966 music comedy film starring Elvis Presley. To support the musical theme the club member Vlad Sherstyuk performed a couple of romantic songs with guitar accompaniment .
The guests, Joanne and Patrick, a Peace Corp volunteers, answered numerous questions asked by the Club members.
The number of participants – 24 persons.
The meeting “Celebration of B. Obama’s 50th anniversary Hawaiian style” was fun with a lot to be missed for those absent!

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