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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thing 8: Finding RSS Feeds

I looked through the proposed sites and found a lot of useful for me RSS feeds . 
1. First of all I visited site of my favorite American newspaper 
Usa today 

As I like US music and travel I've  chosen a Google  RSS feed reader: 

2. I also visited U.S. Government RSS Library, where I found a lot of RSS on different themes. I went to Education and Employment RSS Feed, where I have chosen the category which is called Education and added Department of Education News Feeds to my Google reader.

 3.  I went to
I choose publications Sections to receive feeds from.
IIP Digital: English publication ( 
There are a lot of informative and educational issues in this category.

4. I have created two Google alerts and now I got news to e-mail box about :
Window on America 
and Meryl Streep.

The most important thing about the RSS feeds is that one can choose the information  needed and get it quickly. 

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