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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thing 14: What’s New With Search Engines

Google Dashboard is a Google product created to provide us all the information that google has about us. IT simple answer the question "What does Google store in my Account?". 
Google Dashboard displays product-specific data that's associated with our Google Account. The Google Dashboard is sort of control panel which lists all it products in a summarized form at one central Place whereby we can manage our account information and all other personal settings associated with each Google Product.

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I saw a statistical information about the usage of each Google Product at one single place. 
Lets look at Gmail, for example. It shows us how many messages i have sent and how many chats i have participated in.  Similarly, in Google Docs, it shows us the total documents owned by me or opened by me or deleted by me.

Google Dashboard is very useful in a sense that it provide us full control of our data at one place and all the data in our dashboard is considered Private. I find this Google App very useful and handy.

In this post I also want to say the words of gratefulness to you, Mary Nell, as a good coordinator of this program, who helps us to learn a lot of new useful and important things for work and for life. 

I am also very glad to be a participant of the 14 Things! 
I'm happy to have new friends!

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  1. Well, I am certainly happy to have shown you something new...and I hope you found some interesting new sites and applications. Congratulations! You are a winner (I knew you would be!)