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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thing 12: Podcasting

Podcasts, series of digital media files (either audio or video), become more and more popular and are used by many people for different purposes. 
I find useful link for me - How create podcast:

Podcasting is booming right now because of its versatility and portability. After all, you can’t drive a car and read blogs, but you can listen to your iPod. This technology can be especially beneficial when it comes to libraries and other areas of knowledge distribution.

I went to a Podcast Directory NPR, looked through it and put some links that interested me to my Blog. So the links to them are:


The Making Of 'King Kong': Screams, Score And More

 In the section IIPDigital I found two interesting podcast:

Clinton on the Importance of Democracy for Human Rights
In this dialogue Hilary Clinton gave answers to all the questions concerning human rights and people’s freedom, as well as to meaning of democracy for civilized people and the reasons of democracy importance for society.

Today I found interesting podcast -
Obama Weekly Address: Job growth
President Barack Obama is calling on Congress to put politics aside when lawmakers return from their recess in September and pass a series of initiatives the president says will spur job growth. (Aug. 6)

I have also subscribed to some of the podcasts available on NRP and receieving its latest feeds in my Google Reader. 
 A tried to download podcast about Chicago, but a can listen to it through my Google Reader -

I found another interesting place with a lot of podcasts:

In my work I can use podcasts for AC advertizing, sharing some thoughts and ideas concerning different issues, for giving information about some activities in the Window on America Center. 

I can made video podcasts with music (without voice)

Christmas Party_25 Dec 2010_Window on America center in Dnipropetrovsk

 Today Thanksgiving Day_25 November 2010. Dnipropetrovsk WoA

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