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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blog Gatheringbooks

My friend Yulia advise me this Blog.
I think it will be useful for me. I continue to learn how to organize my own blog better.
Very reasonable!


  1. Hello my sweet friend, congratulations, very good your blog. I am Speaker from Argentina and I invite you to listen to the best romantic ballads in the world with my voice and my blog. From Saturday, June 11, i'll do a tribute to Russia. I hope that your visit.
    A warm hello to you.
    Beto, from Rosario, Argentina.

  2. If you could make a blog post for each of the THINGS, I would appreciate it. That way I have a place to repond and comment.

    I love your video!

  3. I can make the URL a link. I did it many times!I have changed this post.
    We have holiday in Ukraine - the Constitution Day. Meet next week! I promise to continue my 14things!

  4. Dear Svitlana,

    I can see you are having fun with your blog which is great. However, to really complete the work, it is not enough to put in a link to your Twitter or LibraryThing account. Please read the instructions carefully. You must also write on your blog and answer the questions for each thing. They mostly have to do with how you will or could use the application in your work.

    I am also sending you a word document that shows you a sample of a blog which is writing about each Thing as well as creating their own sites (Flickr, Twitter, etc.)

    I hope you will go back and complete the work. You still have one month!

    Mary Nell

  5. Dear Mary!

    I use a lot of Things every day (Blogger, FaceBook, YouTube, Picassa, Skype...) A new Things are very interesting and useful too. I try to describe my impressions. Thank you for link, I know Blog Kseniya Mukhanova from Moscow. It is done! She my virtual friend. I'll use it, as example, for my next steps.