From Ukraine with love: Dnipropetrovsk is my native city, but I like traveling very much!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thing 4: my new Delicious

I put a few new  bookmarks on my Delicious. 
My work is a big part of my life. And "woadnepr" bear resemblance to  "lanusic".

I had the great experience in tagging, because I took part in creation digital catalog of my Library (Dniproprtovsk Pegion Sience Library, which has 3 mln volumes found) many years.  I have Library science education and bibliography degree.
Only 4 years I'm working at Window on America center. I study English every day with my visitors and friends. 
By a way, I have got information about Social bookmarking last year at the training for Ukrainian AC/IRC leaders.

I agree that Social bookmarking is a great way to collect a set of resources and share them with others!


  1. You certainly do have a lot of experience so you understand how useful it is to tag your bookmarks.
    I have my own Delicious account and I don't know how I would find bookmarks without it. Given your interest in travel and vacations (which I share), you might think about collecting websites you use for travel.

    Mary Nell

  2. Thank you, Mary! Yes, I like traveling, museums. And I try to collect some websites about Prague witch I'd like to visit one day!

  3. I have found 3 websites and 2 short movie about my dream - Prague!
    I put it on my Delicious.