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Monday, June 6, 2011

The most successful programs

There are five most successful types of programs in Dnipropetrovsk  Window on America Center, Ukraine:
1) “English Speaking Club” for all social categories on Saturday (2007-2008 with Fulbright scholarship). During the long periods when the native speakers were not visiting our Center (2009), I attracted the fluent in English Ukrainian volunteers for organizing round-table discussion. The attendance of our center has increased considerably during the last 2 years. Cultural and educational actions are held every week. So Ukrainians learn more about USA culture and traditions.
To increase the language learning effect of the discussions I have initiated the tradition to support them with modern visual aids. With the help of the Center’s technical equipment 25 Power Point presentations were created in the past 2 years. The theme discussions with visual aids became our “signature feature” in a highly competitive market of English Language clubs in Dnipropetrovsk.
2) American Holidays - Valentine Day, Thanksgiving day with real turkey, Christmas with Santa. Some club members demonstrated their musical talents (as Katya Ivchenko);
3) Movie club – every week;
4) Head of AC took part in the two English Language Weeks at the city secondary schools (about 200 and 200 participants).
5) Skype connection with our American friends.

In addition to the promotion of the USA information resources certain actions were held to promote library knowledge. The following topics were presented to the visitors of the Centre: 
The Library of the USA Congress (April 2010),
Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Scientific Library and its resources (May, 2009 and September 2010),  
“Renaissance” Charity Foundation (April 2010),
Bill and Melinda Gates’  Charity Foundation (October 2010),
Bibliomist  project in Ukraine (October 2010), etc.

I did promotion of the our AС/ Window on America center activities in the social networks: Facebook (from March 2010,  Blogspot (from September 2010).

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