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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thing 2: My favorite Blogs

When I did this task I understand that some sites has elements of Blogs. Because I choose:

Blog about my country Ukraine
 It's Ukraine!News and everything you want to know about Ukraine

 You can read short article about my native city Dnipropetrovsk

Every day
This Blog I read every day. The author, Tatyana Yaroshenko,  is  Director of a big Library in the capital of Ukraine. She is very smart and professional. She writes not only about library problems, but about her own impressions about American libraries. (She has been to USA for 6 month as a Fulbright scholarship participant)

Film Art

I like American actress Meryl Streep very much. I saw almost movies with her! The Bridges of Madison Country is my favorite movie.

 I had found 2 Blogs devoted to her activities.

Sometimes I look to  "Chicago now", where I had been last year.  I spent wonderful week, and now I miss Chicago....

Sears Tower, 443 m.

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