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Monday, July 4, 2011

The Independence Day celebration with children

The «Window to America» Center was visited by the group of schoolchildren of rehabilitation center  «Turtle-dove»  together with their teacher Irina Cherepen’ko.
The Meeting was devoted to the Independence Day celebration and an acquaintance with the United States of America.
The group listened to my presentation. The informative slide show «MEET the United States of America» introduced the students to the geography of the USA, its capital Washington, founder of America Christopher Columbus, native population - Indians, people which created history of country – first presidents and political figures, about the American icons of pop-culture, the biggest cities are centers of economics and culture, about architectural views of these cities.
It was useful for pupils to learn about the national symbols of the USA –  flag, bald eagle, rose, White house, Congress, Statue of Liberty, memorials in honour to the presidents Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln.
I paid a regard to a rich collection of coloured and interesting child's books which would help to improve pupils’ knowledge of English.
Schoolchildren were eager to hear new information. They thanked sincerely in the end of the meeting.
The number of participants – 19 persons (17 students and 2 teachers).

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