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Saturday, May 28, 2011

English Speaking club - Coca-Cola - 125!

I'm Coca-Cola fun!

Today’s English Speaking club session was dedicated to the most expensive brand – Coca Cola. This year Coca Cola celebrates its 125th anniversary.
We have explored the Heritage site of the Coca Cola company. It helped us to check our Coke IQ.  As always the coca cola quiz was popular. The brainstorming resulted in a decent score – 12 correct answers out of 15. A lot of new design terms were learned.
We have also compared the scale of celebration in Ukraine and in Atlanta (Georgia). The video of the concert was quite enjoyable.
At the end of the session the club members shared their opinion about the taste of the drink. In different countries it turns out to be different.  Our USA guest Deedra was an expert in American soft drinks. She
Explained that many states differ in their states for soft drinks. In her native State Oklahoma more popular drink is Dr.Pepper.
However among the ESC members not many persons were the Coca-Cola fans. 

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