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Monday, May 23, 2011

ART WEEK dedicated to the World Day for Cultural diversity

May 18-31
I organized  the ART WEEK at the Dnipropetrovsk Window on America center.
All  week events are dedicated to the World Day of Cultural diversity which is celebrated on May, 21.

Several displays were offered to the patrons of the WOA center:
-        Posters display  “All Americans –Images of Heritage and Citizenship” – the art works of Texas students with different ethnic background
-        Brochures display – Multiculturalism in American  Culture
-        Book display “American Art”.

The art theme announced in advance urged some of the club members to offer their own art works for display at the center.
Tanya Shutina, the architect, brought her oil paintings –  mostly marine landscapes.
Janina Stets, a State University Scientific Library worker, offered her craft works – cross stitch embroidery. Among her works were landscapes, still lifes and a portrait.
Tanya Volokita, a finance student, offered for display her hand–made decorations – earrings and wrist bracelets made from beads, metal and plastic.

All the artworks on display had positive feedback from the WOA patrons and ESC members.

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